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A case study of redesigning the main listing page for the largest shopping community in the world

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The World’s Largest Shopping Community

Pepper is a 25 million shopping community that offers users in 8 markets, including Germany, France, the UK, Poland, Italy, and Brazil, the ability to find and share the best deals, discounts, and coupons from various retailers and brands.

Our app or desktop allows savvy members to browse deals by category, store, or location, making it easy to find the best offers on the products they want. Users can also create an account, follow their favorite deal submitters, vote and contribute to a gigantic community to get up-to-date regarding new deals and discounts.

The platform also features a user-generated review and rating system, so our members can see what others think before purchasing. This fosters a strong sense of community and allows users to help each other save money on the products they love.


The voucher dilemma

However, while engaged users love to come every day and engage with the flood of offers, that’s not the case for people who have recently discovered Pepper. In one of our quarterly discovery workstreams, we spotted that, especially for new users landing on our product for the first time, a lack of trustworthiness comes with the crystalized lousy reputation from other voucher platforms.

There is a common perception among consumers. This lack of trust usually stems from past experiences with unreliable, expired, or fraudulent deals, concerns about data protection, card payment, or a general skepticism about the legitimacy of the offers.

Another concern is the security of personal information when using deal platforms. With the increasing risk of identity theft and data breaches, many consumers hesitate to provide sensitive information, such as payment details, to unfamiliar or untrusted sources. Ultimately, the lack of trust in deal platforms may hinder their widespread adoption and success. To build trust and credibility with consumers, it is important for deal platforms to be transparent, secure, and reliable. This can help to build a loyal user base and foster a positive reputation in the market.

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