UX Speed Dating

Get hands-on experience building and conducting prototypes, usability tests, personas, and lots of other UX tools.

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The event

User Experience goes beyond UI. It goes through a deep understanding of the customers needs, pains and behaviour. UX SPEED DATING came to help you discover this assets through research, validation and data analysis; in order to guide decision making, priorisarion and helping us create better products

The event is based on the San Francisco version and it’s split in a 1h30 workshop where attendees learn about user research and validation process; and 1h30 hour to test a product they would like feedback on. All they needed to bring were their designs, which could be anything from an app, a video game or even a paper prototype.

+100 Attendees

Designer, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Testers. All gathered to learn how to create products that impact the lives of real users.

1h30 Workshop & Network

Step-by-step on how to structure and run a research, analyze the data and turn it into action itens to improve your product experience.

1h30 Practical User Testing

Test with real users to put into practice what they have learned. At the end, the participants come together to share insights and experiences.

Whether it’s an event with 10 or 100 designers, you can be sure that at least one of them will have faced something — a problem, a methodology, a plugin, software — that you haven’t yet.

Therefore, design events are great opportunities to touch base with these methodologies and update your toolkit. To do this, try to understand:

1. Their main methodologies or framework
2. What software and tools they use
3. How do they prototype

Users come first

“We should understand how they think and what are their needs. I’m not designing for myself, I’m designing for them so I have to get the most out of that person’s mind to create a product to change their lives.” Juliana Leal, Designer – UX SPEED DATING.

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