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A world of ways to travel the world

This is a two-years-history of designing the Worldpackers app, a travel community with +1,5 million users.

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Getting Started


Appstore editors’ choice – Featured as ‘Innovation made in Brazil’

“This successful worldwide app helps backpackers find volunteer opportunities in hostels, bed & breakfasts, NGOs, schools and organic farms in over 100 countries. With Worldpackers you can live your passion for traveling while performing meaningful actions in the community you visit.”– Appstore Editors

Featured in the Appstore as App of the Day – Brazil

So proud to see a product you designed featured as App of the Day at Appstore Brazil. Amazing project and amazing time.

The Challenge

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study. All information is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Worldpackers.

Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration that makes travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience. Through an online platform, we connect travelers – looking to exchange their skills for accommodation – with incredible hosts from all around the world.
In 2015, we decided to invest on mobile devices; launching an app to help travelers to find and confirm their Worldpacker experience on the go.

I was part of the project of building the Worldpackers app to give users a better experience whether chilling in a chair at home or heading to work in a crowded train. Our high level goals were:


Increase user retention


Faster response time

My Role

I led the Product Design of the Worldpackers App until the present days. During this project I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing team composed by João Machini as Product Manager, Diego Kurisaki as Tech Leader, Allan Formigoni as Product Marketing, Fabiola Werneck as iOS Developer, Douglas Iacovelli as Android Developer, Leandro TK as Web Developer, Ana Karolina as Supply Acquisition

Main Tasks

1. Customers Insights & Ideation
2. Building the Project Vision
3. Planning and scope definition
4. Research and Interviews
5. Design Execution and validation

Design & Research Tool Kit

Section 1

Project Schedule

As a startup we run with scarcity of time and people; that’s why prioritisation and a strongly user obsession played a guide to our path from ideation to launch in every feature. This project wasn’t built overnight. Every feature was launched due User priorisation and business goal.


Customer Insights

By gathering data and talking to a lot of Worldpackers who have had lived the experience we were able to come up with four personas that represent the gradient of behaviour of travelers worldwide. These are the highlights for each persona:

New life

Emanuel Geres – 22–35 years old

They want to quit his longterm-job to travel for undetermined time. Looking for a new “routine”, self-knowledge and a drastic change in their life. They want to start traveling or had already started their journey.

Gap Year

Aline Beltrani – 18–25 years old

They finished their studies overseas and want to travel for +6 months before going back home and getting a job/starting a career. They use Worldpackers as one of the ways to travel longer and cheaper.

Student Holiday

Carlos Firmino – 18–24 years old

They take his University summer holidays to travel having a different travel experience while saving money. It’s not only a tourist experience but something that will improve their CV, carreer and knowledge.

Work Holiday

Leo Miguel – 25–36 years old

They take their work holidays to travel through a different city or country to meet new people, explore new places specially to practice their English (or other language their are interested about) and learn new skills.

The Solution

First Touch

Onboarding: An understanding about what Worldpackers is all about.

Worldpackers invests so much in acquiring new users, we definitely didn’t want to lose them after their very first visit. Besides that, it was important to create a personal experience onboarding those users and lead them to a brand connection & personalised content throughout the app usage.

That’s why we introduced an onboarding asking specific questions to build a path to relevant results, explaining what was the app for and create a way to let travers say their travel plans at a glance.

To define the onboarding questions, we interviewed the stakeholders and conducted interviews asking travelers to priositise the most important factors in deciding to book a trip with Worldpackers.


Once travelers got the full understanding of what Worldpackers is all about, they need to find a the right position to apply and start their journeys. 

Based user interviews, we inserted the most relevant filters to guide user to search based on their characteristics, what they were good at and their Inspirations in the trip.


Finding a perfect host means to find a place where you could match your purpose on the trip with the need of the supply side. To make it clear at a glance, we devided the host listing explanation in two parts.

What you offer: with big icons explaining the main tasks and requirements.
What to get: highlighting rewards and benefits by applying to that position.

The host listing was also decided in other factors that contribuit to the users choices such as availability, requirements, photos and reviews.

Application Process


To help travelers decide the last things before travel and solve doubts about the trip, we introduced a community to connect travelers and Worldpackers.

The Impact

Worldpackers app was not a single delivery only. It continues to grow and improving through user feedback. Besides that, we could see a great results coming through the app and impacting the company as a whole.


of the company’s revenue comes from Mobile Users


less time to reply through mobile application.


better conversion: Users convert better on mobile app than Web. 39% Android, 23% iOS.


of the returning users come from mobile.


downloads on Appstore & Google Play

4,5 ★

Stars on Google Play Store


A huge thanks for Cristian Lozan, Christopher Sardegna, William Rouse, Guilherme Stecanella, and Oliver Ragfelt for the incridible Photographs used in this articles.

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